My Learnings at DK

My Learnings at DK

Deeksha Miglani

A full-time editor, I like to read, watch movies, or just stare at the wall when I get the luxury to. I adore travelling and dream of being a nomad forever.
July 24, 2015

I've been working as an editor with DK India for the past three years. I don't mind being confined within the glass walls of this building five days a week and I have a wonderful team of people to thank for that. DK gives me something new to look forward to every morning and here are some very important life lessons I've learnt while working here.

1. There is no bigger joy in the world than seeing your name in the credits list of an actual printed book.


2. The odds of your team members going on leave during the most crucial time of the project are quite high.

3. Coffee is what keeps you awake after an hour-long lunch.

4. Contrary to what managers think, “re-issues” are just like creating new books from scratch (or even worse).

5. Your seat will get changed as soon as you get comfortable there.

6. Fridays are the most productive days in the week; 4 to 5pm being the prime hour when people are glued to their screens and get up only to take bathroom breaks.

7. There are insane book sales in the office where women go berserk and men merely get a chance to peer inside.


8. Aspirin consumption is at an all-time high a week before the disc date (when the book goes for printing) arrives.

9. The next global pandemic can happen if you do not deliver the final text and CMYK (colour layer files) PDFs on time.

10. The annual review meetings with managers are quite similar to the final result day at school. Yes, you get a report card, too.

11. Men are such a rare sight in DK! I am often reminded of my convent college days.


12. There are as many Bengalis in the office as there are in West Bengal.

13. There'll be authors who can write well and those who deliver text on time. Never a combination of both.

14. Being an international publishing house with offices in nine different countries doesn't mean that you get a decent budget for your book.

15. No matter how realistic the book schedule looks, it always gets crazy towards the end.

16. We celebrate everything – from boring Wednesdays to baby showers.

17. There are also craft sales, baking club sales, white elephant sales, and gardening club sales. Basically, your office is also your friendly neighbourhood shopping mall.


18. An idea can come from anywhere, but it mostly comes from old book titles.

19. We generously contribute to the annual profits of Barista, Dominos, Mad Over Donuts, and many other food outlets.

20. Most of the people who were here when DK India was born are still here.


Illustrations: Rohan Saikia

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