Winners: DK Photo of the Month Contest

Winners: DK Photo of the Month Contest

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July 18, 2015

It's been an exciting time for the DK India blog team as a deluge of absolutely stunning photographs captured by our in-house shutterbugs kept coming our way! The theme was simple – Dilli Meri Jaan – but the entries we received are sheer magic.

The idea behind this photography contest was to get more DK-ites involved in the DK India blog and the response has been overwhelming.

In order to judge the DK India blog's Photo Contest of the Month, our selection panel of three judges considered a combination of factors: message, aesthetics, colour, timing and composition. It was a challenge to pick the top three from among the fantastic crop of photos that started pouring in right from the day the contest was announced. After intense impartial scrutiny of every entry, the judges finally made the choice. We are delighted to share with you the names of the people who clicked the top three photographs.

July 28

Winner: Naveen Choudhary

Judges' comments: Compositionally clear and direct, this almost looks like a period photograph. There is a dynamic opposition between the centres of power and the common man going about his job, lending it a sense of irony and pathos. The image is clearly from Delhi and has a unique message.

July 41

First Runner-up: Nishwan Rasool

Judges' comments: This one isslightly difficult to get right because of the time of day, light in the sky as well as the buildinglights exposing the insides of the monument. But even then the people are not blurred as one may get with a timed photo. There is a compositional contrast between the hugegeometric monument and the swarm of people –almost looking like a texture.

July 44

Second Runner-up: Pradeep Thapliyal

Judges' comments: Abold image with strong colour and graphic lines. It's a surprising take on a familiar monument. A simple shot, the photograph displays modern architecture/thought through a traditional frame. Special care has been taken with the depth of field to ensure sharpness in all the elements.

Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to every one of the contributors! In addition to the top three photographs, we are compelled to showcase two more submissions from our winner – they are so exquisite that it would be a shame to keep these hidden from you. Here they are!

July 32


July 29

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