When the DK Quiz Went to Schools!

When the DK Quiz Went to Schools!

Swetha Ashok

Swetha is a Sociology graduate from Jesus and Mary College. She spends most of her time watching Friends. Sheloves baking cakes, and also eating them!
October 30, 2015

So what happens when there is a quiz at school? Free periods! Goodies! And knowledge! But the naughty bunch is always there, making their presence felt in some way or the other. After all, kids they are! During my time with The DK Quiz 2015, I was witness to myriad shades of excitement and enthusiasm displayed by schoolkids that made the quiz journey all the more fun. Here's a peek into the audience as the kids express their emotions while the quiz is in progress.

  1. The Gift Collectors

This species of student hunts audience gifts by the hit-and-trial method of answering every possible question, even if it is not meant for them. For many of them it's akin to conquering the world when they win an audience prize.

Gift collector 1
Gift collector 2
Gift collector 3

  1. The Bookworms

These kids have their eyes on the DK books displayed. They get so engrossed in the books that they almost forget about the quiz – many a times spending the whole two hours of the quizzing session reading.

Bookworm 1
Bookworm 2
Bookworm 3

  1. The Posers

For this breed of students, a camera automatically means “SAY CHEESE!”

Posers 1
Posers 2
Posers 3

  1. The Jumpy Ones

This super-excited bunch is always brimming with enthusiasm – regardless of whether they get their answers correct or not. They have the potential of introducing changes to contemporary dance styles with their innovative ways of waving hands.

Jumpy 3

All they want is to be the one chosen to answer; when that happens, it brings a glow to their faces. From random guesses to accurate answers, they come up with it all! It could become difficult for the quizmaster to move around as these kids surround him like flooding water.

Jumpy 1
Jumpy 2

And YES!! We've got it correct!

Jumpy 4

  1. Intellectuals

Then there are the those that are difficult to fathom.

Where are they lost – in answers or just thoughts?

Intellectuals 3

Intellectuals 1
Intellectuals 2



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