A Tour of Stationery Junkies' Paradise

A Tour of Stationery Junkies' Paradise

Anwesha Dutta

A dreamer stuck in the real world; Harry Potter and fancy stationery are pretty much what make Anwesha tick.
September 3, 2016

Neither the scorching heat nor the torrential downpour can keep stationery hoarders away from the ongoing Stationery Fair at Pragati Maidan. As I stepped into the hall, I realized that this is what heaven must feel like! Starting from pens, pencils, markers, and office supplies such as files, folders and staplers, all the way to candles and lamps – it has everything a stationery lover could ever dream of.

Stalwarts in the likes of Faber Castell, Staedtler, Linc, Solo, Stic, Camlin and many more are ready to delight the crowd with their gorgeous products. And of course, no stationery fair is complete without the famous Sitaram Stationers from Lajpat Nagar.

The sheer colours are enough to blow one away! There are pens in all colours and varieties – micron tips, brush pens, fineliners, gel pens, ball pens, calligraphy pens and markers.

Pic 2

For professional artists, there are beautiful watercolour sets, paintbrushes in all sizes, and different types of sketching pads. Desktop accessories such as staplers, perforators, scissors, pen stands and paperweights adorn many stalls.

Pic 3

I found lots of children milling around excitedly, as many stalls cater specifically to their needs. They have their pick of useful school supplies such as notebooks, lab manuals, pencil boxes, lunch boxes and school bags.

There are several unique products too, among which my favourites are wax highlighters by Staedtler, and a set of Linc Twinn pens that combine the utility of ball pens with the creativity of colour pencils. Notebooks with quirky quotes written in beautiful lettering seem to be a huge hit with the crowd. I also came across attractive paper products such as envelopes, greeting cards, gift bags and other decorative items. That's not all. Colourful paper lanterns by Paper Theatre brighten the entire hall.

Pic 4

There was so much to see (and buy), that by the end of it I was exhausted! However, to my delight, there was a small cafeteria at the end of the hall serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks and cold beverages. After resting my feet for a while and grabbing a bite to eat, I took a final round of the fair, and said goodbye to all the stalls and the beautiful items I couldn't buy this time. However, I did pick up some collectibles.

Pic 6

Whether or not you are a fan of stationery, this fair is definitely worth checking out!

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