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DK India Blog – Something for Everyone...

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DK India's youthful and dynamic team works closely with its UK and rest of the world counterparts to help produce DK's award-winning and bestselling reference books for adults and children in more than 40 languages for the local and international markets.
March 26, 2015

We're so happy you're reading this. It's DK India's very first foray into the blog space, and we're thrilled to be able to share it with you, our readers. Why a blog? And why now? Well, we felt it was about time. DK has always been at the forefront of content creation and dissemination, be it in our amazing range of high quality illustrated books or in our cracking digital and online resources. Our tag line pretty much sums it up, “A World of Ideas: See All There Is To Know”. At DK, there really is something for everyone.

As a global brand, we celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2014 and what a celebration it was, with events and promotions and festivities galore. DK India enthusiastically joined the year-long party – you're likely to have seen our foray into local publishing with Vikas Khanna's Young Chefs, the title selling off the bookshelves like hot cakes. This was quickly followed up by a travel guide for children, Find It: Delhi; an insightful read into one of India's greats in Eyewitness Gandhi; and even more of the country's brilliant personalities up for exploration in 100 Indians Who Made History. We ended the year on a high with our very ambitious and equally successful “The DK Quiz”, held across 30 schools in the Delhi-NCR region with more than 5000 students participating.

This year too we continue to break out the (non-alcoholic, but just as delicious) bubbly with Vikas Khanna's Shaken And Stirred. And we're super excited about the upcoming India launch of DKfindout!– a website for children, parents, and teachers that'll dramatically change the way you search for and find information online. And this is only a sneak peek of the year ahead. Watch this space, or rather read this blog, as we give you insider anecdotes and observations of putting together these fabulous local and global products. But we don't want to share just about work. We want this blog to be a reflection of our people – highly creative, extremely collaborative, and dare we say idiosyncratic at times. And our team of intrepid bloggers reflects this wonderful diversity in the themes and interest areas that they'll be writing about. Come, read, enjoy. And don't forget to comment. We'd love to hear your views and opinions. We'd love to hear you.

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