Quizzing with a Difference

Quizzing with a Difference

Divya Mathew

Divya Mathew is a cake snob. Adrenaline rushes, long cycle rides and full moon nights are a few of her favourite things.
September 23, 2016

DK Quiz 2016The air was crackling with anticipation as I stepped into the hall where eighty students waited eagerly for the start of the 3rd DK Quiz. On the 11th of August, I had the opportunity to be part of a team that visited The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj (one out of 45 schools!) that conducted the preliminary stages of this edition of the DK Quiz. The excitement that ensued was gripping! After the first round, which saw every student team up with a friend and answer 20 questions, the top six teams were selected to go head-to-head in the finals. The finalists were put through their paces as they competed in multiple rounds, including a mind-boggling Rumble in the Jumble and a nail-biting Need for Speed buzzer round.

If all of this sounds like any old quiz to you, you couldn't be further from the truth. Here at DK, quizzing is serious business. In the past few years, many companies have jumped on the quiz bandwagon in an attempt to make their brands more visible. With DK, however, the Quiz is so much more than a “me too” marketing strategy.

One of the things that sets the DK Quiz apart from any other is its inclusive nature. In most quizzes across the country, the schools nominate students and inevitably only a few get the chance to participate. In each school that participates in the DK Quiz, every student in grades 7 to 9 competes in the first round. What we are elated to learn, by involving all the students, is that the results are not “predictable”. We saw some fantastic quizzing by students who were not expected to make it that far in the competition. DK has also ventured into the digital arena taking the reaches of the Quiz even further. Students can take part in the Quiz online for the chance to be a wildcard entry in the Grand Finale.

Another exceptional feature of the DK Quiz is that the entire DK family is involved. Unlike most cases, where only the Marketing Team would handle such an activity, teams of editors, designers and interns begin work months in advance. We comb through quality DK content to create a question bank that goes beyond school curriculum but simultaneously complements it. Each school is visited by a team that comprises at least one senior (usually a Manager or an Head of Department), one junior and an enthusiastic team of interns who are all there to ensure that everything runs smoothly and also because we want in on some of that fun!

DSC05580A lot of effort goes into making the DK Quiz what it is. At DK, knowledge is passion, and a quiz is the perfect blend of work and fun. We get the chance to engage directly with a very important section of our readers and discover what they like to learn about. The Quiz generates curiosity and is appreciated by teachers and parents alike. The tremendous response over the last three years stands testament to the success of the DK Quiz.

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