DK Photo Contest of the Month: Selfie

DK Photo Contest of the Month: Selfie

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October 23, 2015

“Selfie” was named by Oxford Dictionaries as the word of the year in 2013. And it continues to reign supreme in 2015 – and not always for the right reasons. Recent news reports claimed that Selfie accidents have killed more people than shark attacks in 2015. Wow. The fine print goes on to say both types of fatalities are still rare. But still, wow.

From Kim Kardashian to every neighbourhood aunty wielding a pout and a selfie-stick these days, we only thought it fair to allow our DK staff to showcase their best selfies. And our panel of judges weren't disappointed. Congratulations to the top three winners who've shown us that being a narcissist – creatively – does pay off.

Winner: Debangana Banerjee


Judges' comments: This selfie makes you know a bit more about her. She managed to make it a personal statement without too much details. A viewer could find themselves intrigued by the hazy individual or perhaps distracted by the obvious focus point. It is open to many interpretation and perhaps that is why the reason it was so appreciated.

Surabhi Wadhwa
First Runner-up: Surabhi Wadhwa


Judges' comments: It looks almost accidentally ethereal. The B&W light, the sense of movement and suggestion of her looking at someone outwards is tantalizing. It captures an unguarded moment which is all but over in a second.

Second Runner-up: Anusri Saha


Judges' comments: The lines and the honesty of this portrait drew us to this image. There is an element of fun along with a unpretentious confidence of self which we appreciated.

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