Digital DK: Show and Tell

Digital DK: Show and Tell

Rahul Kumar

Rahul's six essential effects are mirth, music, magnanimity, method, madness and minimalism (as the list can't go on!). While also a slave to good satire and slip-away sarcasm, he shouldn't often be taken seriously with his one-liners and off-the-cuff quips.
February 16, 2016

The Audio-Video Media Production team of DK India under the guidance of Nain Rawat (AV Media Manager) had the opportunity to showcase their skills, mainly in the domain of audio and videos in an event titled Team in Focus: Audio Visual Media Production (Digital Operations) organized recently by the DK Manager's Inter-departmental Communication (IDC) focus group.

The enthusiastic team members comprising Rohit Rojal, Vineet Dubey, Vishal Gupta, Roshan Singh, Gaurav Chaudhary, Mahipal Singh, Pramod Pant, Alok Singh, Manish Bhatt and Sachin Tanwar put up a great event showcasing important and interesting information using interactive and collaborating activities, props and quizzes.

There was a lot to discover among the vast range of videos made for DK Book's YouTube channel, DK India, DK FindOut! and Rough Guides. The team enlightened colleagues from all departments on various capacities of their work such as 2D and 3D workflows, production processes, specialized deliverables and future prospects of digital publishing. There was also a special discussion on DK YouTube that gave the audience a vivid insight into facts and efforts gone into making those videos.

Another interesting exhibit – aptly named 2D Vs. 3D – showcased subtle but critical differences between 2D and 3D graphics and animation, very suitably explained on two separate LED screens.

The Show and Tell event reiterated the point that the production of videos for various purposes such as entertainment, learning and development, marketing and promotion of books, or raising sales pitches, provides an user-friendly and attractive medium for showcasing DK's content and holds much promise in the future of publishing. It also helps in getting customer traction both into online bookstores and the offline, brick-and-mortar ones.

Here's a peek into the highlights of the event.

Process of converting book into digital
From Books to eBooks: Curious guests learn aboutthe process of converting printed books into digital format


Explaining audio workflow
The author getting an insight into audio workflow


Explaining 2D work flow
The audio-video production team describing how 2D videos are created


Explaining 3D workflow
Demonstratingthe workflow of 3D videos


Explaining the basics of animation through Zoetrope
Nain Rawatexplaining the basics of animation through Zoetrope


Watching stereoscopic images
An enthusiastic visitor watching stereoscopic images through 3D glasses


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