Cooking up a Festival at DK

Cooking up a Festival at DK

DK India

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June 10, 2015


It seems incredible that in this land of believers, we don't really have a festival to lighten these long, hot months. So, if we are running short of a festival, why not simply create one! It was in that spirit some of us at DK decided to organize a charity event – DK Healthy Summer Treats – to come together, cook, eat and drink, and make merry.

The challenge was to make the food experience as wholesome and healthy as possible: to create dishes with the minimum of calorie-laden ingredients, yet (fingers crossed!) ensure that they were tempting and delectable. All those who volunteered to contribute a dish for the event, busied themselves with tweaking recipes so as to come up with something different and healthier.

We know that pictures say a thousand words, but they can also tempt a thousand souls! Here are some delicious ones from the event.

opening image


PIC 3_golgappa polaroid


potato Salad




Chicken Kebab


Cheese Sandwich






Fruit tarts


Dead End


DK India thanks Arpita Dasgupta and Shubhi Mittal for the write-up. We are also grateful to Namita, Surya Deogun and Nishwan Rasool for clicking such wonderful photographs of the event, as well as Bhavika Mathur for the image designs.

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