China and India: Economic Cooperation and Exchange

China and India: Economic Cooperation and Exchange

Aman Rayjada

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June 16, 2015

Apart from sharing borders and being two of the world's oldest civilisations, both India and China are currently going through a period of revolutionary growth. The successive changes being adapted in the models of trade, technology and information are inclined to bring nations, consumers and organisations closer than ever before. Competition is set to become more intensive and success largely dependent on fresh strategies based on mastering local differences, region-specific customisation and constant improvement in goods and merchandise.

Despite wholly unresolved territorial issues between the two most populous nations of the world, the recent visits of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have strengthened Sino-Indian ties and successfully jolted the economic stalemate by yielding business deals worth more than $22 billion. There has also been a remarkable headway in the facilitation of investment opportunities for Indian companies in China.

˜Doing Business in China
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Indian firms now have an unprecedented opportunity to stake their share in China's large-scale development and market growth. However, an informed perspective on the history, politics, economy, and contemporary trends of the vast country could explain why business there requires quite a different approach. Interested investors, business houses, entrepreneurs, curious followers of economy trends and even the political administration may find DK's recently launched app for the Windows 8 platform Doing Business in China very suitable. Apart from covering aforementioned areas, it also provides practical information on significant but largely overlooked aspects such as getting your business etiquette right, building a team, devising strategies and negotiating successfully with Chinese business people. Since many people have now begun to spend a lot of time on mobile phones, the app is specifically designed to have an engaging interface and provide mobility to the users.

Over the next few years, it could be safely argued that the largest ever consumer markets in history will be based out of China and India. However, risks and volatility go hand in glove with the extraordinary opportunities both the countries have to offer to the investors – both local and foreign.

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