Bookaroo Children's Lit Fest

Bookaroo Children's Lit Fest

Priyanka Kharbanda

Bitten by the reading bug early in her life, books have been a constant companion for Priyanka. So being an editor came naturally to her – reading and working on books for a living sounded pretty much perfect. Along with books, she enjoys theatre, TV shows and quiet company of select friends.
December 2, 2015

Bookaroo celebrated their annual lit fest the last weekend (28 & 29 November) and once again DK participated enthusiastically with its amazing display of books and hour-long interactive sessions for kids on both the days.

DK Books

Day 1 witnessed a bunch of eager learners lined up for our morning session on space – Space Mania. The team had set up three booths to create a mini-fair for the kids. Each booth explained different facets of the solar system and what lies beyond it through colourful displays, videos and fun activities. Children participated enthusiastically in each activity, whether it was spotting constellations in night sky shots or building their own rockets from clay dough. They sportingly took part in friendly puzzle contests. There was another small contest, where participants were asked to answer a questionnaire based on the information shared in the session. As we neared the end of the session, children were seen scrambling from booth to booth trying to get answers they had missed out!


Interactive activity at spacemania

Interactive activity at spacemania


Rumble in the Jungle on Day 2 was a fun-filled activity-based session, exploring some amazing facts about animals. The activities included Animal Mashup where kids learned about reptiles and their incredible abilities and combined jigsaw pieces of these animals to make their own supercroc or superlizard. Kids enjoyed “fishing” out information about underwater animals from a pool of thermocol balls. They might have entered the evening session slightly tired from the day's activities but instead of being worn out, they'd perked up by the time they left with their faces painted as their favourite animals.




The events gave the teams a great opportunity to interact with kids and take some valuable feedback from them, as well as from their parents. It was also a good way to promote the DK brand. Many impressed parents approached the teams to know more about DK and the kind of work we do. The happy, bright faces at the end of each program was a testimony to all the hard work put in the planning and execution of the sessions.

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