Back with a Bang

Back with a Bang

Shivani Singhal

House Gryffindor, rightful heir to the Pokemon throne, queen of the chocolate world and pandas. Mother of imaginary dogs, the Khaleesi of the television series and breaker of bookmarks.
August 22, 2016

It was the 1 st day of the DK Quiz 2016. Like a schoolgirl I woke up at 6am, rushed through my breakfast and headed out to school.

In the schools, there's a buzz in the air – the excitement was palpable. The joy of (former) 6th graders who've just been promoted to the 7th standard was up to the roof; they had been waiting eagerly to be eligible for participation. The 9th standard veterans had become mentors for the rest and could be seen sharing wise words of wisdom that they had gained in the last two DK Quizzes.

The 3rd edition of the DK Quiz is going to be bigger than what we've seen before. Last year, 45 schools and 8,000 students had participated, and Arjun Aryaman and Shagun Thapaliyal of Delhi Public School, Greater Noida had taken the trophy home. With that down in history, the throne along with bragging rights are up for grabs again.

And so it began! The first quiz of 2016 on July 13. We headed off to Amity International School, Saket. The auditorium was filled with 148 smart kids that somehow knew answers to every question being asked! They were focused, attentive and eager. The exceptionally talented Aditya, the quizmaster took the wheel and started the quiz. We could hear excited laughter, disappointed sighs and surprised squeals.

DK Quiz school round winner

Everyone who qualified had their eyes on becoming the winners; those who didn't make it had their eyes on the audience prizes. After a very exciting quiz, Atharva Boobna and Tanmay Goswami emerged as the winners. They will now go on to represent their school in the epic Grand Finale. But as all fun things go, there were no losers as everyone had a gala time. The students left with a smile on their faces, congratulating the winners, and already strategising to win the prize next year!

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