Green ideas for small spaces

Green ideas for small spaces

Bhanu Pande

A writer, traveller and gardening enthusiast, Bhanu Pande has been a business journalist with leading publications, for over 20 years.
February 07, 2017

I am not an avid gardener but religiously invest in a few potted plants that just about survive the harsh weather changes of Delhi. I am acquainted with two passionate gardening enthusiasts, who have made an intelligent use of limited urban space to create a ‘green oasis’ within their homes. They showed me that #GardeningIsFun.  And with Gardening in Urban India, you too can transform a terrace, enliven balconies, even create your own vegetable-growing corner with just a little space, and some amount of effort and creativity. Do check out DK Books on Facebook for inspiring ideas. 

Bhavna Saxena, a Mumbai-based school teacher has made gardening in her first floor apartment a regular part of her daily schedule. In her 500 sq ft terrace she has a wide range of 100 potted plants on her terrace, sitting room, and the lobby area. “I find the presence of plants and flowers around me very soothing.”  What fascinates Bhavna is the pristine natural energies that you derive from plants at home. Apart from potted plants, Bhavna keeps innovating with recycled plain containers and has used dry coconut shells to grow plants. One of her mantras is to keeps changing the placement of pots to change the ambience of her room. Bhavna hasn’t stopped at decorative plants. She invests her efforts at growing veggies such as bitter gourd, cucumber, beans, mint, and basil, which she has manage to cultivate in the pots. “It’s a great feeling to use your own home grown vegetables for cooking”, she says.

Nandini Arya has always lived in high rise apartments that offered limited space – balconies, terrace and entrance lobby – which she could creatively transform into a cheerful green zone. “One must have two things at home – plants and a pet,” she says. “They are great stress busters and give you a lot of happiness.” In her ground floor apartment with a green lawn, a ready-to-be used balcony, patio and a veranda, she has worked magic. The main green patch is lined with plants and veggies. She grows spinach (palak), coriander, mint, aloe vera, bitter gourd, lady’s finger and she also manages to have papaya and pomegranate trees, all making effective use of her space.

She believes that any amount of limited space available can be used to create your own green area and enjoy it as a part of modern lifestyle.  

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