From the Chefs' Table

From the Chefs' Table

Kritika Gupta

A die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan, Kritika suffers from reading addiction. A book in hand and a mind full of swoony, dreamy, romantic and mostly good intentions is what describes her perfectly.
August 1, 2016

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

DK-ites share a passionate relationship with food. Team lunches (and dinners), potlucks, celebratory treats, eating out, ordering in... we are eternally surrounded by food. Continuing the tradition, the DK Food and Drinks Club recently organized a lip-smacking food sale for all foodies. This yearly event was a welcome change that brought with it the much-needed excitement to keep us going.

Eager foodies lining up to buy tokens
Eager foodies lining up to buy tokens


Interestingly named The Chefs' Table, DK's annual food sale for 2016 put forth a delectable variety of drinks, desserts and savouries cooked by 17 enthusiastic chefs from various departments. The tables were decorated with yummy goodness and mouthwatering dishes, that included fish cutlets, dabeli (a popular Indian street food, consisting of a burger bun with sweet-and-spicy filling), chicken kebabs, peach crumb cake, marble cake and many more. Everything not only tasted good but also looked divine!

Another favourite was this Dabeli made by Monica
Dabeli –a hot favourite at the food sale


With a variety of delicious and gorgeous-looking food (did you see the amazing chocolate cupcakes? They looked like they had been frosted in heaven!), the sale was a huge hit among DK foodies. More than 200 portions were sold, generating a profit of more than 6,000, which was donated to DK's charity kitty.

The mouth-watering and beautiful looking Phirni prepared by Romi
Mouth-watering phirni prepared by Romi


The phirni (rice pudding) that Senior Design Manager (DK Children's) Romi Chakraborty beautifully decorated with rose petals, was full of flavour and colour, and was definitely a showstopper. Romi's fish cutlets were another winner; it was the first dish to be sold out!

One of the first dishes to be sold out - Fish Cutlets
Fish cutlets – one of the first dishes to be sold out


Golgappas that brought the feel of the Indian street food


Ravi Yadav's delectable dahi golgappe (small, crispy puris filled with chickpeas and potatoes topped with yoghurt) was another hit.

To celebrate summer, Kanika Kalra and Nandini Gupta – a design-edit duo from DK Children's – put forth an absolutely mouth watering aam panna. Poured out in pretty glasses and garnished with mint leaves, it was a special treat for all mango lovers, and was one of the popular drinks at the sale.

Gorgeous looking and absolutely yummy chocolate cupcakes by Priyanka
Yummy chocolate cupcakes by Priyanka


Soft and scrumptious Marble Cake made by Soma
Scrumptious marble cake made by Soma


Now let's come back to the chocolate cupcakes made by Priyanka Kharbanda, an Editor with DK Knowledge... the love for chocolate and that frosting! The cupcakes were absolutely delicious! Other yummy desserts at the sale included Managing Editor (DK Life) Soma Chowdhury's special marble cake and Managing Editor (DK Children's) Alka Thakur's absolutely wonderful peach crumb cake – another summer special delight.

Happy DKites enjoying the food sale
Happy DK-ites enjoying the food sale



Photographs by Nishwan Rasool

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