DK DIY Wins Hearts

DK DIY Wins Hearts

Avantika Sukhia

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January 19, 2016

And so begins the New Year!

After much celebration and cheer, life at DK has resumed, unfazed. The festivity, food, and parties, have given way to a refreshing start to the year.

This winter – the warmest in a decade – our cartography superhero, Subhashree Bharati, decided to take the DIY route to celebrate Christmas. Taking a leaf out of DK's DIY Christmas celebration, she reused common household stuff (that we conveniently throw away most of the times) and organised a stellar DIY Christmas with her parish to the theme of 'Year of Divine Mercy'.

Working together with her family, she decorated and produced a crib, solely using recycled materials. Their preparation began early in November, when they collected reusable articles, such as newspapers, steel wires, banana leaves, pebbles, old tube lights, PVC hosepipes, hay and thermocol products.

Christmas crib
Nativity scene wonderfully created by Subhashree Bharati


She says that the activity was a great bonding experience, one that brought her family members closer, involved much quality time, and proved to be a wonderful learning experience.

Subhashree's team, which comprised of her husband Manas and their seven-year old daughter Manacy, was competing with other families from the parish, and won the competition. In fact, it was Manacy who was very enthusiastic about the entire idea and Subhashree credits much of her success in winning the competition to her darling daughter.

Sacred heart made from Hosepipe and cardboard
Sacred heart made from hosepipe and cardboard


Charming tissue-paper fairies
Charming tissue-paper fairies


Fairies created from old magazine pages
Fairies created from old magazine pages


Coloured thermocol balls and steel wire create a beautiful decoration
Colourful thermocol balls and steel wire make a pretty chandelier


Snowflakes from recycled papers
Snowflakes from recycled papers


Cutouts in shapes of reindeers, angels and birds act as attractive Christmas decoration


If you want more information or ideas about creating such amazing DIY decorations, you can get in touch with Subhashree at

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