Top DK Picks for Children

Top DK Picks for Children

Anwesha Dutta

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May 30, 2016

With its mesmerizingphotographs and illustrations, and equally impeccable stories to match, DK books hold a special place in every book lover's heart. Be it a child or an adult, the unique style of these books speaks to people of every age. If you're collecting some of these gems, look no further! Eureka Bookstore has some special offers just for you. Do check out the page:

Here are some award-winning DK books that should have a special place in your bookcase:

Utterly Amazing Science by DK

For all the science-buffs out there, Utterly Amazing Science by Robert Winston is a must-read! This book was the winner of the Royal Society Young People's Prize in 2015. Thirty-two pages full of vivid colours and a simplistic approach to learning science, makes this the book in the market. It inspires to teach using everyday activities, and to spot science in action using questions that intrigue: “Why don't planes fall?”

Books for early learning

Have a young one who is ready for school? Then this series is for you! Get Ready For School: I'm Ready For School series features illustrated characters that gently instruct and guide children through the various concepts and basics taught at this early level. With the help of Boo the monkey, Bip the cat, and Bop the elephant, the kid learns while having fun. It is a pure delight! And, it won the gold for both Best Children's Book as well as Best Picture Book categories in the Loved by Children (LBC) Awards 2015.

Sophie Peekaboo ABC

Heard of the giraffe that steals everyone's hearts? Well, that's Sophie the giraffe for you! This gold winner of Best Children's Story Pre-school and Best Baby Book categories in LBC Awards 2015, Sophie La Girafe Peekaboo ABC teaches alphabets in a fun and colourful way. The simply adorable illustrations are not only great to look at, but help children make connection between letters and everyday words.

Early learning book ABC

Let your child discover numbers and get the basics of mathematics right with My First 123. Shortlisted in the Mother and Baby Awards in 2015, this engaging book teaches numeracy skills in a fun way.

Other must-haves include:

Cars, Trains, Ships & Planes

Oh man! Who doesn't love things that go zoom! The Cars, Trains, Ships and Planes is full of stunning pictures that cover the basics of all modes of transport. From an exciting array of vehicles that fly, float, or zoom across air, water and land to the fastest, largest and costliest vehicles – the facts in this book are bound to one-up your trivia! From the earliest vehicles to the latest hybrid models, you have it all in there!

DK Knowledge encyclopedia Dinosaur

Roar back to the past with the Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur! It answers any query you may have about dinosaurs. The book has some sleek 3-D dinosaur images that show these majestic creatures in their full glory! A sheer spectacle, trust me! To top it all, the book has information about marine reptiles and other prehistoric animals, too. Facts, charts, timelines – you name it, this one's got it!

Well, what are you waiting for?

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