Baby Steps Towards Reading in the Digital Age

Baby Steps Towards Reading in the Digital Age

Srishti Malasi

An editor by profession, Srishti aspires to be on the other side of the table by getting published someday. She has keen interests in literature, art, theatre, music, dance and movies (not necessarily in the same order) and is currently reveling in the new-found joy of motherhood.
October 8, 2015

If you are reading this article, you are certainly a parent who understands the importance of reading in your baby's life! In today's world, where your little ones are exposed to a range of things to know, understand and recognize right from the time they open their eyes, it is imperative for every parent to make their experience an interesting one.

Technology is changing the way people read and no one's adapting to it more quickly than children! Kids have a pre-wired fixation for digital devices and some are even teaching their parents or guiding them to use modern-day gadgets. Children also have a natural knack for observing and exploring things. They love building and putting broken pieces together in their attempt to understand the world around them. Touch-based devices such as tablets and smartphones enable them to do all that. These are devoid of the complexities of a mouse or a keyboard and allow children to explore the entire world with just a touch.

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The biggest challenge parents face when helping their little ones read is holding their attention. There's no doubt at all that tablets and smartphones are lively, spirited and interactive devices that keep your kid's interest alive through funny sounds, interesting animations and learning activities. I find DK's series of mobile apps meant for toddlers a great way to introduce fantastic content to young learners. With years of expertise in publishing books and its extensive research in understanding the changing needs of children with age and time, DK has intelligently converted its best-selling books – Baby Colours, Baby Faces and Baby Pets – into apps particularly for Windows 8 (W8) phones, infusing life into them and making for great learning material.

Many content development companies have also focused their attention on creating apps for kids. In fact, some of the top-selling apps in the market today are meant for children. A lot of interesting children's books are being converted into mobile apps, giving them a completely new look and feel. These apps educate, stimulate and enhance the overall learning experience while adding to the fun element.

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Finally, a word of caution! While mobile apps can be a great source of learning for the little ones, parents need to be careful about what their children are downloading. Some parents stick to publishers they can rely on, while others like to try apps themselves before encouraging their kids to use them. Reading the user reviews and comments by other parents could also help in choosing the right apps. Most apps come with online guides; age-range and ratings that could also be very useful for parents looking for appropriate learning apps for their babies. Bookapps (books that are downloadable as apps) could prove interesting picks!


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