Fun Learning with Chhota Bheem

Fun Learning with Chhota Bheem

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June 10, 2016

DK India is happy to report that the Chhota Bheem Gurukool series of English and Maths workbooks – Let's Make English Fun and Let's Make Maths Fun – have been garnering a great response since their launch in December 2015. Aimed at two age groups, 3–5 years and 5–7 years, these workbooks have been a great hit with children, thanks to the adorable Chhota Bheem characters and, of course, the well-researched DK content.

Here's what some of the young readers and their parents have to say about the books:


Chhota Bheem workbooks
Agastya with Chhota Bheem Maths Workbook


“The moment the two workbooks – Maths and English – came out of my bag, they were snatched away from me ”, says Rahul Kumar. Much to his surprise, his son, 6-year-old Agastya, immediately sat down to solve the Maths questions. “I realized that it was not just the much-loved characters of Chhota Bheem that drew him but the workbooks themselves. They are attractive, colourful and can be easily handled by a child. So much did Agastya enjoy himself that he completed the entire workbook in a couple of days, proudly rewarding himself with stars each time he finished an exercise! That was remarkable, as the exercises were challenging but fun to solve, and he had a good time with them.”

Deshpal Dabas, father of 7-year-old Nitya is full of praise. “Thanks to Chhota Bheem characters, my daughter doesn't have to be pushed to practise English and Maths anymore. The book covers a lot of topics, and the exercises are presented in a manner that catches the child's attention and interest. As for me, I found the 'Notes to Parents' very helpful in guiding my daughter.”


Anika Kishore with
Anika's prized possession – Chhota Bheem workbooks


Anika Ravindran is only 3 years old but already a huge fan of Chhota Bheem. She loved Let's Make Maths Fun (3–5). On the very first day, she completed five exercises without her parents having to prompt her. “Look Mumma, Chutki, Dholu-Bholu, Kaliya, and laddoos too!” Anika would shriek with joy, every now and then. “The look on her face while enjoying Math was priceless!” exclaims her mother, Rachana.


Siddharth engrossed in his Chhota Bheem English workbook
Siddharth engrossed in his Chhota Bheem English workbook


No sooner had 8-year-old Siddharth laid his hands on the Chhota Bheem Gurukool English workbook, than he got down to solving the worksheets. His mother, Priyanka Thakur, says appreciatively, “They are a perfect aid to help children develop their language skills in a fun and engaging way. The pages are well laid out, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the exercises engaging.”

Basant Mishra, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Delhi University, found both Let's make English Fun and Let's make Maths Fun interesting, attractive, as well as child-friendly – little Tanisha (4 years) loved them and completed the workbooks without her mother having to prompt her. Basant had a few suggestions to further improve the workbooks. He felt that it would be good to have fewer ideas on each page, making them less crowded and easier for the children to understand. He also pointed out that since the books were meant for very young children it would be better to keep the first letter of sentences in upper case instead of lower, and also increase the number of pictorial exercises. For the mathematics workbook he suggested more specific assignments instead of multitasking activities.


Manacy busy solving sums


Seven-year-old Manacy had some suggestions as well. While she loved working with Bheem and his friends, especially “joining the dots”, in delighted anticipation of the character that would be revealed, she was disappointed that the quality of the paper limited the options for colouring them. In addition, she thought the maths workbook should have had a page on Cardinals to balance the page on Ordinals. She was also extremely disapproving of the fact that one of the exercises asked her to count sweets when the illustration depicted toffees!

DK India thanks Alka Ranjan from the Local Publishing Department for the write-up.


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