Carol Vorderman's Times Tables Book

Carol Vorderman's Times Tables Book

Carol Vorderman's Times Tables Book

Hardback: INR 250

ISBN: 9781405341363

Publication Date: 01 Jun 2009

Size: 203 x 261mm

Pages: 64

Author: Carol Vorderman

Age: From 7 to 11 years

If your child finds times tables a little testing then here's the answer: straightforward, easy-to-follow tips, hints and advice from Carol Vorderman that will help them remember their tables for ever.

There are fun illustrations, shortcuts, clever ways to make some of the harder times tables simpler to learn (and even some harmless cheats that their teacher will approve of!).

It's easy to remember words when they're put to a tune. To help you learn your times tables, we've put together some times tables songs.

The songs repeat each times table five times. Try to join in with singing the times tables as soon as you can. You can play a game by trying to call out the answers before they're sung. If you like, you can dance to the music too!

Select your times table podcast below and download it to your iPod or mp3 player.

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