Speak Out, Leonard!

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Published by DK Children

By Jessie James

Illustrated by Tamara Anegon

About Speak Out, Leonard!

Join Leonard on his awe-inspiring adventure as he searches for the courage to speak up!

Introducing Leonard, a softly-spoken shrew who sometimes finds it hard to have his voice heard.
Little Leonard is often shy, and this means he sometimes misses out on some of the exciting experiences life has to offer: whether it's tasty seed snacks or playing games with the other children at break time, poor Leonard lacks the confidence to enjoy the things he loves most in his life!

But when Leonard sees a friend in the playground being picked on by a bully, can he find the courage to speak out and save the day?

This heart-warming story book is the ideal read for early learners aged 3-5, packed with:

-Simple, engaging text ideal for reading aloud
-Colourful, funny illustrations bring the quirky characters to life
-Features a strong message about speaking up and the importance of standing up for yourself and to bullies

Did you know that according to a recent study, over 16,000 young people in the UK are absent from school due to bullying? Speak Out, Leonard! aims to encourage self-awareness, confidence, compassion, and empathy in little ones and to help them understand the importance of using your voice to speak out against injustice.

A must-have volume for young readers who like animal books, as well as parents looking for a book that teaches children to speak up for themselves at an early age, Speak Out, Leonard! is sure to delight both parents and children alike.