What's Where on Earth? Dinosaur Atlas

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Published by DK Children

By Chris Barker, Darren Naish

Consultant editor Darren Naish

About What's Where on Earth? Dinosaur Atlas

Who's ready for a round-the-world trip of epic dinosaur proportions? Pack your bags and let's go!

On this adventure, you'll travel back in time to see more than 40 dinosaurs come to life! The geography book for kids explores each continent, revealing fossil sites and stories on every map.

A unique children's atlas that brings weird and wonderful prehistoric animals into your living room! It includes:

- Each chapter explores a continent, showing where dinosaurs appeared at a given time
- Connects each dinosaur to a period - Triassic, Jurassic, or Cretaceous
- Specially commissioned maps and 3D locator globes link the prehistoric world to the present-day
- Stunning double-page spreads show dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in dynamic scenes
- Perfect for children aged 9 and up who want to know more about dinosaurs, ice age animals, and other prehistoric creatures.

A face-to-face experience with fearsome dinosaurs! Inside the pages of this children's educational book, you'll get to stare down a T-Rex in North America, watch out for Velociraptors' slashing claws in the Gobi Desert and trek across the Siberian tundra! You'll also discover the answers to fascinating questions about dinosaurs. Which plant-eater weighed as much as five elephants? Where was mighty Tyrannosaurus the ultimate hunter?

Using specially commissioned maps, the dinosaur atlas for kids reveals the prehistoric world as never before! A modern 3D globe next to each map helps you understand the arrangement of the continents over time and why palaeontologists find fossils where they do. The fully updated edition includes the most up-to-date theories and discoveries of dinosaur science, alongside stunning CGI illustrations and maps of all the major fossil sites around the world.

The What's Where on Earth series from DK is so much more than just a book filled with cool maps, stats, and fun facts for kids, it's also a vital source of learning - perfect for children to dip into for school projects! Discover planet Earth as you've never seen it before in What's Where on Earth?.