The Rainforest Book

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Published by DK Children

By Charlotte Milner

Illustrated by Charlotte Milner

About The Rainforest Book

Introduce little nature-lovers to the enchanting yet threatened world of tropical rainforests.

Step inside the fascinating world of tropical rainforests where you'll encounter an enormous variety of flora and fauna! This gorgeously illustrated picture book is a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of nature and conservation.

Embark on an amazing journey in this delightful nature book.

- Explore beautifully detailed illustrations and fun facts about rainforests
- Discover wonderful plants and animals and why rainforests are important to the world we live in
- Find out why rainforests need protecting and what you can do to help

The rainforests are bursting with life! Sweep aside the liana vines, hop over the giant roots of the kapok tree, and discover magnificent tigers roaming the jungle. In this enchanting children's book, you'll discover amazing rainforest animals, learn about the diverse range of life-giving plants, and find out why the Amazon rainforest is known as the "lungs" of our Earth.

This colourful children's book captures the spirit of the rainforest through its beautifully detailed illustrations by Charlotte Milner. It has simple, clear text that is accessible to less confident readers but a strong message about deforestation and climate change captivate older readers too.

Let's Explore!

Venture into the depths of the tropical rainforest and uncover riveting facts about these marvels of nature. Did you know that the air in a rainforest feels wet because trees and plants release water that they don't need into the air? And that over half of our planet's wildlife live in the rainforest?

The world's rainforests are packed with amazing creatures! From the nocturnal kinkajou to the stinky rafflesia flower - there is plenty to discover in this plant and animal encyclopedia. Perfect for kids aged 5-9 years, it also includes a fun gardening activity section with instructions on how to grow your own miniature rainforest at home.

Complete the Series:

Following on from The Bee Book, The Sea Book, and The Bat Book, these engaging animal books highlight the important ecological issues faced by our planet. It's perfect for parents who want to encourage children to learn about ecology and remind them that it is up to us to care for our planet.