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Published by DK Children

Foreword by Andrew Marr

"It's one of those big, informative hardbacks which Dorling Kindersley specialise in, and my daughter pounced on it eagerly"

The School Gate (Times Online)

"<i>Who's in charge?</i> asks probing questions but gives a balances viewpoint, allowing children to form their own opinion."

Aldershot News and Mail

"Vote for this book!"


"Useful at home and in the classroom."

Daily Mail

"Here's the best book [about politics] I've encountered - a tour of politics that looks at how leaders get to lead, what voting is about and how constitutions work."

Child Education PLUS

About All About Politics

Never has politics been so important in the world and so much in the news as today. But how much of what goes on do we really understand?

Written for children aged 9 and over, but a clear and interesting introduction for adults too, All About Politics is a straight-talking guide to how governments really work. All About Politics also contains all-important sections about how you can get involved, covering local politics, voting, debating, and human rights.

This politics book for children offers:

- An accessible introduction to politics by award-winning political journalist Andrew Marr.
- Information about how to become involved in politics, including voting, debating and local politics.
- Brightly illustrated pages with bitesize text, making a complex subject accessible and easy to understand.

If you want to understand more about politics and find out the pros and cons of communism and capitalism, what it means to be "right" or "left", and what happens behind the scenes in parliament, then start here. Learn about all political structures and ideas, from ancient Greek philosophy to modern governments. With a low-down on all the key terms ending in "-ism", "-ocracy" and "-archy", you can discover the difference between democracy, monarchy and dictatorship - and also see which countries are governed by which system. Plus you can trace a timeline of the history of leadership and discover how different systems and beliefs have developed.