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Which of These Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ Creatures is Your Favourite?

Which of These Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ Creatures is Your Favourite?

Star Wars™ wouldn’t be Star Wars without its extraordinary cast of non‐human characters. There are the usual A‐listers: Chewbacca, Jar Jar Binks and the ever‐enormous Jabba the Hutt, to name a famous few. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Maz, the boisterous famous pirate, takes centre stage, as does a carnivorous rathar in the hold of Han Solo’s ship. But these aren’t the only ones worthy of attention.

Here we’ve put together a list of odd and outrageous creatures featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ The Visual Dictionary. Some are bizarre, some are loveable. A few are law‐abiding space citizens, but most of them are not…

Do you have a favourite? Vote below.

1. Sarco Plank

Sarco Plank creature photo on white background

One‐time scavenger, bounty‐hunter and tomb raider, Sarco Plank is an aging Melitto who has made a multitude of enemies in his chequered career. The eyeless being “sees” via supersensitive cilia.

2. Wollivan

An interstellar scout and hyperspace trailblazer, the inquisitive Wollivan sells – or gambles away – valuable astrological data and scavenged trinkets to smugglers and traders.

3. Teedo

Teedo creature photo on white background

A small, brutish scavenger who roams Jakku’s vast Starship Graveyard, Teedo is constantly on the prowl for valuable technology. Using scanners built into the cybernetic cowl that encases his luggabeast, Teedo relentlessly seeks out the energy signatures found in droid power cells.

4. Bobbajo

Bobbajo creature photo on white background

A creaky‐jointed Nu‐Cosian, Bobbajo’s calm demeanour helps settle down the jittery animals he carries on his back to sell at the market.

5. “Crusher” Roodown

"Crusher" Roodown creature photo on white background

Roodown is an unlucky salvager who had his arms cut off by Unkar Plutt’s thugs over a misunderstanding. He offers his services as a for‐hire strong back.

6. Sonsigo and Munduri

Sonsigo and Munduri creature photo on white background

These two Bravaisian podmates are attracted to glittering gems and metals, and offer top prices.

7. Grummgar

Grummgar creature photo on white background

A big game hunter and gun‐for‐hire, Grummgar is obsessed with trophies, most often of the animal kind illegally poached in the wilds of distant worlds.

8. Pru Sweevant

Pru Sweevant creature photo on white background

A blue‐faced Narquois bandit, Pru uses contacts within the Mining Guild to find out the schedules of vulnerable convoys.

9. Hassk triplets

Near‐feral subhumanoids, these Hassk thugs are frequently itching for trouble in the main hall of Maz’s castle, but other, larger beings keep the peace.

10. Gwellis Bagnoro and Izby

Gwellis Bagnoro and Izby creature photo on white background

A mysterious Onodone who doesn’t talk about his past, Gwellis is an expert forger who specialises in transit documents. His pet barghest, Izby, is a loyal protector.

For more beasts like this, check out Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ The Visual Dictionary, a visual feast chockfull of Star Wars legends.

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