Star Wars Reads 2017
Star Wars Reads 2017

This Year Every Page Is A Journey. Where Will Your Journey Take You?

This Year Every Page Is A Journey. Where Will Your Journey Take You?

By Star Wars in the Classroom co-founders, Thomas Riddle & Wesley Dodgens

Return to a galaxy far, far away this October and embark on the “Journey to the Last Jedi” by hosting a Star Wars™ Reads event! To help you plan an exciting experience that will be both entertaining and educational, here are some event ideas that will make this celebration one that your guests will never forget.

Whether you’re hosting an event in a school, at a bookstore, or in your home, be sure to have plenty of books on hand that are appropriate for readers of all ages to flip through, learn about, and enjoy, such as Star Wars Made Easy or Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and ExpandedInclude a scheduled story time for younger children as well, using books such as DK’s Star Wars Level Readers

1. Dress up as your favourite character

Encourage your guests to attend your event dressed as their favourite character, and be sure to do so yourself. Embrace the fun and unleash your inner Jedi... or Sith... or maybe even your inner Wookiee! The more creative and imaginative, the better.

2. Serve refreshments

We suggest having snacks, Star Wars–themed of course. Whether it’s Padawan Popcorn or Lightsaber Pretzel Sticks, plan to have some sort of Admiral Snackbar! Recipes are widely available but a great place to start is with those from Jenn Fujikawa at

3. “Make-and-take” crafts

A popular activity with families, and a great way to promote creativity. From making pool noodle lightsabers to building droids from construction paper, there are many terrific, affordable activities the entire family will enjoy. 


4. What’s a party without games?

It can be as simple as a Galaxy (Cake) Walk where the numbers are replaced by Star Wars planets and the cake is replaced with Star Wars Reads prizes from publishers, or a Kessel Run obstacle course set up outdoors. Also, if you have access to computers, guests can take turns playing free online games at, such as Ewok Village and Jawa Junkyard that involve close reading of texts and problem solving. 


5. Create your own tales

Create tales of your own from that galaxy far, far away using an “Improv Storytelling” activity. Provide a group of guests with a one-sentence story prompt such as, “One day, Chewbacca was…” What happens next?” Then, one at a time, each participant provides one sentence that continues the story, building upon what was said before them, until the final person in the group brings the story to an end.

After some practice, provide another prompt and have the story continue in rounds, with each person having two, three, or more turns. For a fun (and frantic) twist on this activity, divide your guests into pairs and, using the same rules, give this two-person team 120 seconds to create a “Two-Minute Tale.”



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