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Best Jedi Tech: Star Wars™

Best Jedi Tech: Star Wars™

The Jedi Knights may be members of an ancient order of Force-sensitive beings who wear simple robes and meditate on a daily basis, but they also love their tech. Here are some of the best Jedi gadgets.

1. Lightsabers

Every Jedi lightsaber is unique, because you have to construct it yourself. You can have unique detailing on the handle, and choose your blade colour – blue and green are popular colours, but how about purple like Mace Windu or even orange like Yaddle! Just don't go for red, your fellow Jedi may get the wrong idea. 

2. Utility belt

Underneath those plain robes, Jedi wear a very on-trend, vintage-style distressed leather belt full of cool field gear, including lightsabers, comlinks, grappling hooks, holoprojectors, food and energy capsules, underwater breathing equipment, medical supplies, and multitools.

3. Comlink

Jedi keep in touch with each other on their mobile phones, aka comlinks. They feature complex security devices to prevent unauthorized interception. It's not known which tariff they are on, but they certainly appear to get good reception across the known galaxy.

4. Holoprojectors

Holoprojectors work wirelessly with a comlink to project holographic images on them. Jedi can load them up with date files and spaceship schematic. It's not known whether they ever use them for holo-selfies.

5. Starfighters

Jedi love their rides. They fly a range of single-pilot starfighters and are known to "pimp their rides" with a variety of colour schemes. Obi-Wan chooses red, Anakin goes for yellow, perhaps to honour the podracer he flew as a kid on Tatooine.

Jedi Knights are always prepared for whatever their adventures may throw at them, their tech is some of the most advanced in the galaxy. So if you had your own lightsaber, what colour would you want it to be? Tell us using #RebelsRead

Article by Simon Beecroft

Author biography

Simon Beecroft is an author of Star Wars™ reference books, including Star WarsCharacter Encyclopedia, LEGO® Star Wars™ The Visual Dictionary, and many Star Wars Readers. 



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