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Behind the scenes photograph of stormtooper actors resting in Canary Wharf tube station during filming of Rogue One

10 Incredible Behind the Scenes Photos from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™

10 Incredible Behind the Scenes Photos from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™

Can’t get enough of Rogue One? Check out these incredible behind the scenes photos from the film set, to see how the Star Wars™ magic came to life.

1. Stormtrooper stops

During the shooting of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™, the Canary Wharf stop on the London Underground was transformed in the dead of night into the bustling interior of the Scarif Citadel. The production crew had one night to capture their footage, before returning the station to normal with commuters none the wiser the next day. Between takes, stormtrooper and shoretrooper extras caught some rest beside the iconic Underground symbol.

2. Space monkey tests

Director Gareth Edwards closely examined each new creation to emerge from the creature shop of Neal Scanlan, to gauge each alien’s star potential. “Space Monkey” – known for months by its production code indicator of “G007” – was clearly a standout. Using a slip-on mask filled with servo-driven articulation, Space Monkey became an ensemble performance from Nick Kellington (the man under the mask) and the remote control operators driving his expressions. ­

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of Space Monkey on set

3. Droid audition

The cryptic code names adopted for the production labeled the various Rogue One droid characters as “senators”, and this homestead droid ­– code-named “S001” – was one of the earliest creations. It was realized as a practical rod puppet shot on location in Iceland, with its performers digitally removed from the shot.

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of S001 droid

4. Gearing up

The prop department manufactured an arsenal of Rebel and Imperial small-arms. Many were built around Airsoft guns to produce realistic recoil and interaction cues for the performers carrying them.

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of actors selecting prop weapons

5. Standing by

With the mantra to capture original trilogy elements “how you remember it”, fighter pilots wore polished flightsuits, rather than the dyed boiler suits seen in the original 1977 Star Wars movie.

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of Rebel pilots in uniform

6. Capturing Moroff

Hairy Moroff (played by Ian Whyte) started out as a Rebel character named Senna before ending up as a background character in Saw’s militia. Here, the creature character (coded G030) stands before an array of photogrammic analysis cameras that capture every possible angle for future effects and product use.

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of Hairy Moroff in costume

7. LED hyperspace

To best capture the cinema verité documentary style that Edwards favoured, many of the effects-heavy sequences benefited from large-scale LEDs. These projected pre-rendered visuals of post-production effects work ­– lending the production authentic performance and lighting cues.

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of large-scale LEDs

8. Beachfront action

The tropical landscape of Scarif was created in the decidedly non-tropical Bovingdon, north of London. Sand and imported palm trees helped frame the landing field where the Rogue One team would infiltrate Imperial headquarters, but the full landscape would be realized by digital set extensions created by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of beachfront Scarif set

9. The real deal

Intense battlefield action captured on location in the Maldives filled out the Scarif sequences. Rebels and Imperials faced off in the shallow seawater surrounding the spectacular reefs.

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph of beachfront Scarif set

10. Capturing K-2S0

Throughout production, actor Alan Tudyk wore a specially printed motion-capture suit to translate his movements into what would drive the computer-generated character of K-2S0. To bring Alan up to K-2’s two-meter (seven-foot) height, he played most of his scenes wearing stilts.

Behind the scenes Rogue One photograph showing Alan Tudyk in motion-capture vest for character K-2S0


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