10 Wild Facts About Wild Animals

10 Wild Facts About Wild Animals

The world’s wild animals are unique and amazing creatures possessing talents and characteristics that might shock you. These are our favorite little-known facts, but you can continue to go wild with more than 400 animals, their habitats, and amazing insights into their secret lives in Wildlife of the World.

1. Polar bears can run as fast as an Olympic sprinter.

2. Koalas eat so much eucalyptus that they smell like cough drops.

3. Japanese macaque troops living in different locations have different accents, just like humans do.

4. Each lion’s whisker-spot patterns are unique, just like human fingerprints.

5. Spinner dolphins can spin 14 times in one leap.

6. An adult American bison can leap over an adult human.

7. Green basilisks can run on water.

8. Mongooses crack large eggs by throwing them through their hind legs against a hard surface.

9. Hippo calls can reach 115 decibels—as loud as close range thunder.

10. An adult raccoon is strong enough to hold a dog’s head underwater.

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