5 Reasons to Love Captain America

5 Reasons to Love Captain America

By Kathleen Quinlan, Assistant Marketing Manager, DK

It’s easy to love Captain America – who doesn’t love justice and the star-spangled man with a plan?

But Cap is more than just a symbol. He’s Steve Rogers, a man who believes in what’s right and fights to make that American Dream an American Reality. Cap truly believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen – not just in the US, but in the world (unless you’re a Super Villain, then he has a thing or two to say to you).

While there are plenty of reasons to love the First Avenger, here are five to get you started.

1. Steve was always special.

Sure, he grew up small, skinny, and sickly, but Steve was always an exceptional person. Steve’s heroism is more deeply rooted in who he is rather than just the strength of his muscles. Steve was already intelligent and brave; the serum just matched his body to his personality.

Steve was poor and bullied growing up, but his mother taught him about kindness and what it means to have courage, even if it is a quiet courage. He knows that compassion is never weakness.

At the root of his origin story, Steve is simply just a good person. He started out as a nice person whose innate goodness was instrumental in transforming him into the the ultimate hero. His strength isn’t what makes him worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, after all.

2. Despite everything, he has hope.

Steve had a pretty rough life. He grew up in The Great Depression and he was an orphan at a young age. Even though he was constantly sick and unhealthy, Steve still felt the call of duty and wanted to serve his country. He was turned away from the US military time and time again until he was chosen for Project: Rebirth.

When he woke up from the ice, Steve was a man out of time. But instead of letting all of this get to him or becoming angry and bitter, Steve actively tries to form new friendships and fights to make America better.

3. He’s not a political puppet.

However Cap may feel about political issues, he has made it clear that he does not serve the will of the government. Instead, he’s dedicated to the American Dream and enforces that this should be a great country for everyone. He’s above the politics and the back and forth of Washington D.C. Steve fights for America’s ideals, not for any political party.

Like his iconic shield, Captain America is a symbol – of America, of hope, of power. But Steve tries to be more than that, making him a hero through decades of political change and turmoil. He can’t be bought and he won’t be pushed around. Cap will always fight for the little guy because he was the little guy and understands what it’s like to feel helpless.

4. He sees the good in people.

When Cap discovered his good friend Bucky Barnes had been brain-washed into becoming the assassin The Winter Soldier, he knew that Bucky could be saved. He fought very hard to make sure Bucky had a chance at rehabilitation, even when The Winter Soldier followed a direct order to shoot him.

Steve helped the real Bucky push through the brainwashing, and continued to help him recover from the trauma of remembering everything he did while under the influence of the Soviets. Clearly a believer in redemption, Steve trusted Bucky so much that he wrote a letter to Tony to help Bucky take up the shield to become a new Captain America if Steve ever died.

Steve also saw greatness in The Black Widow, one of the Avengers’ key players. Even though she came to the US as a Russian spy, she turned against them to team up with Hawkeye. Cap saw the heroism inside of her, and supported her when she applied to join the Avengers.

5. He’s a great guy.

In the end, Steve is an all-around nice dude. It’s great to see a powerful and iconic hero genuinely care about the people around him.

Heroism is more than just throwing punches and victory celebrations. Being a hero involves empathy and kindness, and Steve has that in spades.

Steve Rogers is the person we should all try to be. But as long as you’re trying your best, Cap’s proud of you.

Written by Kathleen Quinlan
Written by Kathleen Quinlan


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