Photograph of Halloween party snacks and decorations
Photograph of orange jack-o-lantern cake

5 Spooky Crafts and Snacks For The Perfect Halloween Party

5 Spooky Crafts and Snacks For The Perfect Halloween Party

This year's Halloween party will be scarily good. Try out some of these simple Halloween craft and decoration ideas, and have some frightening fun! You can…

1. Make some weird and wacky window designs

Step-by-step of Halloween window decorations

Swooping bats and petrifying pumpkins will startle any passerby! Make these silhouette windows by drawing a picture, cutting it out, and taping different coloured tissue paper to the back of the design. What scary pictures can you think of?

Step-by-step of Halloween window decorations

2. Enjoy a sweet, ghoulish feast

Sweet food is normally mouthwatering – but not these creepy cupcakes! Who would want to eat a hairy spider or an eyeball? If your guests dare to try these terrifying tidbits, they’ll see how tasty they really are.

Plate of cupcakes decorated in scary Halloween themes

Add chewy candy, licorice sticks and colourful icing on top of plain fairy cupcakes and icing. Try your own designs to see what gruesome treats you'll make!

Hand decorating Halloween cupcake, beside plate of decoration supplies

3. String up some spooky figures

What's a Halloween party without decorations? 

Start by cutting a long strip of paper, 20 cm (8 in) wide and the length you need. Fold it backward and forward in a square shape to give it an accordion effect.

How-to of paper ghost Halloween decorations

Draw your design on the surface, making sure it runs to each folded edge. Then cut the design out, leaving a part of the folded edges of each side so that each part of the chain is touching when you pull the paper apart.

Paper ghost, bat and pumpkin hanging Halloween decorations

4. Carry your treats in style

Create a pumpkin treat bucket to carry all your sweets. Just remember to start making it before Halloween, so it can dry in time!

Start by spreading Vaseline on a balloon. Next, paste at least five layers of newspaper on the balloon using a flour and water mix, and let it dry for two days propped upright in a jar. When it’s dry, pop the balloon, then paste the rim of the bowl and fold extra strips of newspaper over the edge.

Step-by-step of making a Halloween treat basket

Paint the whole bucket and leave it to dry. Finally, puncture two holes in each side of the bucket and thread a length of rope through them as a handle. Paint a pumpkin face onto the side of the bucket in black paint. Voila!

Boy wearing jack-o-lantern mask and holding finished Halloween treat basket

5. Put on a dreadful disguise

Quick to make and fun to wear, these paper plate masks can be worn plain or decorated. Use any decoration you like – glitter and sequins give a great eye-catching sparkle, and different coloured paints bring monsters and pumpkins to life!

Paper plate Halloween masks including pumpkin and monsters

Hint: you can cut and shape some facial features by snipping and folding the plate. You could even add wicked witch hair with some coloured paper! 


Painted paper Halloween masks of pumpkin and monsters


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