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How to grow tomatoes indoors project final product

Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Growing Tomatoes Indoors

The benefits of growing plants indoors are countless and delici­­ous, and it’s easier to get started in indoor kitchen gardening than you might think. Follow the guide below to begin building your indoor plant, fruit and vegetable garden right in your home. You can follow the project step-by-step, or download the full PDF instructions here.

Hanging tomato plant project

How to grow hanging tomatoes indoors

This large colander hanging basket is quick and easy to make and will provide a home for three to four tomato plants. You can also add an olla (ceramic jar) in the centre, which gradually releases moisture to the thirsty tomato plants, saving you the time and effort of watering them every day.

You will need:

large colander
non-toxic metal paint (optional)
bubble wrap or heavy-duty trash can liner
mixing bowl or similar vessel to fit into the colander
screwdriver or drill
potting mix
3-4 bush tomato plants
water can fitted with a rose head
olla (optional)
chains from a wire hanging basket
sturdy hook

1. Paint or spray the outside of the colander with a non-toxic metal paint, if required, and allow to dry thoroughly. Line the colander with a plastic material, such as plastic wrap or a heavy-duty trash can liner, to make it watertight.

Preparing liner of collander for tomato planter project

2. Buy or upcycle a plastic mixing bowl that will fit snugly inside the plastic-lined colander and poke several drainage holes in the bottom of it with a screwdriver, or use a drill. Set the bowl on top of the lined colander ready for planting.

Preparing plastic mixer bowl for indoor garden tomato project

3. Fill the bowl with the potting mix to about 1in (3cm) below the rim. Water your tomato plants and gently remove one plant from its pot. Make a hole in the potting mix and plant the tomato, ensuring its rootball is completely covered.

Preparing soil and fertilizer for growing tomatoes indoors gardening project

4. Firm the potting mix around the rootball. Repeat the process with the remaining tomato plants, leaving a space of at least 6in (15cm) between each central stem. Water gently with a watering can fitted with a rose head to settle the mix around the roots.

Preparing potting mix for hanging tomatoes indoor gardening project

5. Fill the olla with water and half bury it in the centre of the bowl. If hanging the colander, attach the chains by clipping them to some colander holes and hang from a sturdy hook fixed to the ceiling.

Completing and hanging tomato plant for indoor home garden

Caring for tomatoes

An olla will continually release moisture into the soil, but check the potting mix every few days – especially if you have planted three or four tomato plants – and if it feels dry, add more water directly onto the surface. If you do not have an olla, water your tomato plants every day or two, but ensure the potting mix never becomes waterlogged. Erratic or irregular watering can cause the tomato fruits to split.

Completeed hanging tomato plant project for indoor gardening

If your potting mix does not contain added fertilizer, apply a balanced feed until the plants flower, after which apply a weekly dose of high-potash tomato fertilizer. Tomato plant flowers are self-pollinating and the fruits should set indoors, but by using a small fan to create a breeze or shaking the plants gently every two to three days, you will help to release the pollen that ensures the blooms will go on to produce tomatoes.


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