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Make a rainbow

Make a Rainbow: Kids’ Science Experiment

Make a Rainbow: Kids’ Science Experiment

Get kids excited about chemistry with this simple kids’ science experiment from How To Be A Scientist, and learn about molecules and diffusion. It’s as sweet as it looks! Get the step-by-step instructions below.

"Make a Rainbow" Candy Science Experiment

You’ll need:
Some colored candies
A plate
A jug or cup of water

The experiment:

Many people say you shouldn’t play with your food, but scientists disagree. Scientists play with all sorts of materials, including food, and make amazing discoveries along the way. Here’s how you can get started.

1. Arrange some colored candies in a circle on a plate (Hint: a white plate will work best!)

2. Pour a thin layer of water onto the plate. Be careful not to bump the plate and move the candies. Then…

3. Watch and wait! Observe how to the colors spread towards the middle of the plate. Are the colors mixing there they meet?

Why do the colors spread?

Candies get their color from food dye, and food dye dissolves in, or mixes into, water. As the water molecules jiggle around, they spread the dye out. This is called diffusion.

All of the colors spread out at the same time, forming stripes that look like a rainbow. If you leave the plate long enough, you’ll see the different colors start to mix.

That’s some tasty science!

For this and other fun science experiments for kids, discover How To Be A Scientist. Fun questions, science games and real-life scenarios encourage curious minds.

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