Circling sharks, photographed from below
Circling sharks, photographed from below

10 Jaw-Dropping Shark Facts

10 Jaw-Dropping Shark Facts

1. The whale shark has about 4,000 teeth—but since they feed by suction, the teeth are useless.

2. Great white sharks have super sensitive snouts that detect electrical activity given off by prey.

3. Great whites can also detect a drop of blood in the water up to four and a half kilometres away.

4. The force of a thresher shark’s tail whip is so great that it boils the water at the tail’s tip.

5. The swell shark makes a doglike bark when releasing air.

6. A basking shark can fit a standing child in its open mouth.

7. The angel shark only takes 1/10 of a second to strike prey.

8. A bull shark head-butts its prey to disorient it before taking a bite.

9. The blind shark uses sensory feelers on the front of its head to sense prey.

10. The blue shark migrates up to 5,720 miles.

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