Homeschooling Help Isn't Far Away

Homeschooling Help Isn't Far Away

 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Whether you are taking on the education of your children yourself, or just looking for help to keep the learning going at home through school breaks and summer months, our books have an invaluable role to play in your child's education.

Below is a selection of books designed to help bring some excitement into the home-learning process. Each of these books is a great teaching tool, both inside and outside the classroom. 


Did You Know? brings nature, science, history, and geography to life with 3-D digital illustration. This a perfect first reference book for early elementary level students. (Grades K-3)

Picturepedia offers a mini-encyclopedia on every page with ten thousand stunning photographs and illustrations cataloguing the wonders of history, space, the natural world, and more. This visual resource brings together an amazing array of images to explain every topic under the sun—and beyond. (Grades 3-6)


Children’s Illustrated Atlas features maps of the world that show each country in full-colour detail. This all-new atlas is bursting with information, combining colourful icons with photographs illustrating key points about each country. (Grades 3-6)

For older children, try Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia. 


When on Earth? makes history come alive, showing world events with maps, 3-D graphics, clear annotations, fun facts, and timelines. This book has a unique and highly visual approach to world history, featuring 60 specially commissioned maps showing where, when, and how history happened. (Grades 3-6)

For older children, try History Year by Year.


Maker Lab is an award-winning book that includes 28 kid-safe projects and crafts that make science pure fun. Each step-by-step activity requires only household materials and includes an estimated time frame for completion. Photographs and facts carefully detail the "why" and "how" of each experiment, and real-world examples provide context so kids can gain a deeper understanding of the scientific principles. (Grades 3-6)

Super Cool Tech is a cutting-edge guide that explores how incredible new technologies, from familiar smartwatches to intelligent, driverless cars, are shaping the modern world and its future. (Grades 3-8)

For older children, try Science Year by Year. 


Math Made Easy is a bestselling workbook series tailored specifically to the needs of Canadian children from ages 5-11. Each workbook in the series forms part of a complete home-study program designed to make math fun, as well as to help children practise essential math skills. Detailed parents' notes help parents to assist in the learning process.

For older children, try How to Be a Math Genius.


Coding with Scratch Made Easy  is the perfect introduction to coding for kids ages 9 and up. Kids will be able to practise the basics of Scratch, the free online coding platform, and will learn how to create puzzles, memory games, and mazes, add animations, and more. Essential coding concepts are explained using visual samples, easy-to-follow instructions, and fun pixel art. (Grades 3-6)

For older children, try Coding Games in Scratch. 


Merriam Webster Children’s Dictionary is an excellent visual reference for kids ages 6 to 9. This new edition of the bestselling Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary features 35,000 updated words, phrases, images, and authoritative content. (Grades 1-6)

Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia covers more than 380 topics from dinosaurs to digital technology and has been revised and updated with the latest facts, figures, and technologies. Kids will enjoy the full-colour photographs, maps, cutaway diagrams, charts, and more. (Grades 3-6)

Buy the books

Buy the books

Children's Illustrated Atlas Children's Illustrated

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Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia Children's Illustrated

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