DKfindout! is a free online resource for elementary and middle school teachers - like you. www.dkfindout.com offers you a safe, reliable website to use in your classroom at school, to research new projects and topics, and to plan your lessons. To get started with our teacher resources all you need is access to the internet. There is no subscription or license fee. DKfindout! is ready for you to use today.

Lesson Plan Builder

DKfindout! has a free dedicated teacher's area where you can plan lessons and write notes. You can also share your lesson on your whiteboard in your classroom.  It is easy to plan a lesson; check out DK’s Volcano lesson plan to find out more about using our lesson planner.

Common Core Covered

www.dkfindout.com brings together the very best of DK's unrivalled bank of amazing images and book content across a huge breadth of subjects from animals to history and science to space. Throughout 2015, DKfindout! will be updated to cover all the key subjects. You can also feel confident that all the facts will be authenticated by experts so that the information you share at school with your kids is 100% reliable.

Accessible for all learners

Aimed primarily at children aged 7 - 11, DKfindout! supports all reading ages and abilities. You can remove text by clicking on the green square in the top right hand corner of any information screen or click on images to read more. The website aims to make education and learning enjoyable fun, and help kids understand and master many different and diverse subjects.

Cross Subject Learning

At DK, we know that learning isn’t linear. Therefore DKfindout! is designed for you, the user, to experience the journey in whatever way you want. To enhance you and your pupils’ experience of DKfindout! we have ‘Find out more’ links on pages to take you to related areas and subjects; such as from How a Volcano Erupts you can move seamlessly to history and find out about Pompeii.

Find out all you need to know at www.dkfindout.com

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