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  • Do You Know Who You Are?


    What do your music choices reveal about your personality? What kind of a risk-taker are you? How have your changed since you were a kid? Where do you fit in your immediate family? What makes you happy - really, truly happy? Learn about your skills, dreams, desires, and Read more

    Also available in eBook
  • Complete Family Nutrition


    Complete Family Nutrition is a one-stop visual guide to the best, most balanced diet for every family member. Whatever your needs, this book is like visiting your very own nutritionist. Written by trusted nutritionist Jane Clarke, this book guides parents on healthy Read more

    Also available in eBook
  • Treatment Alternatives For Children


    Parents worry about their kids, especially when it comes to their health. Conventional medicine has its place but health conscious parents often worry about the serious side effects associated with many prescription drugs and other conventional treatments. Treatment Read more

    Also available in eBook
  • Talking to Your Kids About Sex


    Teaching your child about sex can be a rewarding, relationship-strengthening experience. You just need to be equipped with the right tools: clear, easy-to-explain information; critical questions to ask; good timing; and a sense of humor.Renowned therapist Dr Laura Read more

  • Women's Health for Life


    Women need their own health reference source. Research into gender-specific medicine — particularly identifying the ways in which diseases and their treatment affect men and women differently — has gainedground in the past 25 years. While this information is familiar Read more

  • Your Toddler Month by Month


    Survive the terrible twos and raise a little angel with Tanya Byron, star of Little Angels and the BBC’s House of Tiny Tearaways.House of Tiny Tearaways, Dr Tanya Bryon’s loving and child-centred approach gives you the know-how to understand your toddler’s needs and Read more

  • New Medicine


    New Medicine offers in-depth advice on using integrated medicine to treat everything from headaches and acne to cancer and heart disease.Integrated medicine is a new and innovative approach to healthcare that is empowering more people to get involved with their own Read more

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