Everyday Makeup Secrets

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Published by Alpha

By Daniel Klingler

RRP: CA$26.95

About Everyday Makeup Secrets

Cosmetics is a $42 billion industry. Creating various looks to express a woman's personality can be achieved merely through the swipe of some glittery powder, a simple concealer contour, or steady brow line. Makeup can make your features pop, and it can also correct or hide your flaws. Idiot's Guides: Everyday Makeup Secrets shows readers how to achieve everyday looks for all age ranges, in addition to all skin types, colors, and flaws using practically priced makeup. In this book, readers get:
Introduction to basic skin care and nourishment, skin types, and the tools needed to get the perfect look.

- Before and after pictures illustrating just how contouring makeup can change your face.
- Large, full-color photos showing step-by-step application for lips, cheeks, and eyes.
- Techniques on how to correct features and flaws using makeup.
- Secrets for weather-proofing your makeup.
- Application tutorials for creating the most popular looks, including natural, bridal, smoky, and day-to-night looks.