Organizing Your Life

eBook cover of Organizing Your Life

Published by DK

By Cyndy Aldred

RRP: CA$13.99

About Organizing Your Life

Today's society is not only fast-paced, it has become increasingly complex. Today, as never before, it's crucial to find ways to increase productivity and simplify, and the best way to stay sane is to get organized.

Using dozens of beautiful, four-color photos, this book presents a variety of ideas and steps necessary for organizing every room, closet, drawer, basement, garage, and shed in one's house. Moreover, it also presents ideas for organizing one's office and data as well. Also included:

- The "green" aspects of organizing, getting things organized in the electronic age, and loads of new products that help people organize.

- Up-to-date information, including new resources, for people with clutter disorders.