Spell Check

Paperback cover of Spell Check

Published by DK

RRP: CA$18.99

About Spell Check

Get ready to spell well and learn all the spelling words and rules you need to know with Spell Check.

Mastering the ability to spell English words correctly can be a difficult and frustrating task for young students. DK's new Spell Check gives kids a fun way to practise spelling.

From homophones and contractions to how to use a dictionary, Spell Check covers all the spelling rules and exceptions your child needs to know, with loads of tips and tricks to help them spell correctly. Learn the tough words like "elephant" and "telephone," and remember which words have tricky plural endings. Spell Check is so much more than "i before e"!

With high-frequency sight words that help with both reading and writing, as well as engaging activities including quizzes, matching games, and jumbles. Spell Check is perfect for reluctant learners who will respond to humor and fun on the bright, colourful pages.