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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$38.99

About Timelines of Everyone

From William Shakespeare to Oprah Winfrey and Anne Frank to Julius Caesar, get the inside track on the incredible lives of history’s biggest names in this collection of timelines.

Jam-packed with surprising facts and amazing details about notable people, including kings and queens, humanitarians, scientists, and much more, Timelines of Everyone will take you on a whirlwind journey telling the stories of the most impressive figures.

More than 150 timelines will provide children aged 8-12 with all the general knowledge they need – and even some surprising trivia they don’t! Must-know topics and lesser-known trivia are showcased with beautiful, detailed illustrations and straightforward, easy-to-read text. Timelines of Everyone reveals not just the incredible achievements, contributions, and adventures of historical figures, but the lesser-known events that shaped them too, from childhood into old age.

This educational book for children aged 9-12 offers:

- An equal number of timelines about women and men, and each timeline is beautifully designed to capture the essence of that particular historical figure.
- A chronological structure, with six chapters covering from the ancient world to the present day.
- Big, bright, bold timelines bring history to life and entice children to dive in and discover the past.
- More than 150 separate timelines on a diverse range of important figures throughout history.
- A global focus covering Asian, African, South American, and Oceanian history, not just European and North American.

Following on from the bestselling Timelines of Everything, this fascinating children’s book focuses on the biographies of a myriad of movers and shakers across millennia. It covers a diverse array of monarchs, humanitarians, scientists, inventors, explorers, activists, writers, artists, and more, from all across the globe. With timelines on a diverse range of people, Timelines of Everyone is the ultimate guide to history for kids.

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