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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$21.99

About Mummies

Read all about the magnificent mummies of ancient Egypt!

Discover how and why mummies were made in this fascinating black-and-white chapter book about ancient Egypt. Explore pyramids, temples, and tombs, and find out the secrets of the art of embalming. You'll learn all about the ancient Egyptians themselves as well: their everyday lives, their belief in the gods, and their powerful pharaohs.

Mummies is part of the Mega Bites series, which uncovers the secrets of history, science, and the natural world. Investigate the most complicated thing in the universe - your Brain; then journey to the most mysterious as we dive into a Black Hole; and closer to home, marvel at the genius of the world's smartest Codebreakers! Whichever title you pick, you'll get the expert knowledge and fun facts you need on each topic, with every book packed with illustrations, fun stories, and anecdotes.