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Published by DK Children

By , Emma Grange

RRP: CA$21.99

""The book is everything an early-reader book should be. It's an engaging subject with bold pictures. The fact-bubbles provide snappy information that draws the reader in. We Are Super Heroes will appeal to a wide range of readers and should help fire the imaginations of a whole new generation of superhero fans.""


About Marvel We Are Super Heroes!

Celebrate your Super Hero self!

Are you brave like Black Panther? Ever wondered if you could be a Super Hero? Time for kids to meet an extraordinary hero who is just like them! Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Squirrel Girl... the awesome Super Heroes of Marvel Comics have different faiths, genders, races, and abilities. Marvel We Are Super Heroes celebrates a diverse range of heroes and encourages young readers to identify with their favorite characters.

There are black, white, Latinx, Asian, male, and female Super Heroes. There are Super Heroes who belong to different religions. There are Super Heroes with physical challenges. They come from different worlds and universes--and not all of them have super-powers! Some of them have costumes and gadgets. Some heroes prefer to work alone, and others work in teams. But what unites them all is fighting for good, standing up to bullies, and protecting other people.

DK's Marvel We Are Super Heroes introduces children to cool, inspirational characters with different backgrounds and personalities, from Miles Morales to America Chavez. Children will learn more about their favorite heroes, get to know new heroes, and discover the similarities with themselves. Celebrate who you are and show the world your Super Hero self!

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