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Published by DK

By Cath Caldwell

RRP: CA$32.00

About Graphic Design For Everyone

Trying to give your blog extra visual impact? Need a new look for a personal, business, or community project? With this beginner's guide to graphic design, you'll be able to do this and much more!

There have never been more opportunities to promote yourself online or in print, but to succeed you need to master the art of visual communication - combining type, image, and color into an appealing, accessible message. Graphic Design for Everyone shows you how to define your brand and your message, then takes you through the basic principles of design. Find out how to create a brand plan, discover how a typeface sets the mood, and learn how to use color theory for maximum impact. Gain inspiration from real-life examples and exercises that help you to focus on the right solutions for you.

Once you've learned the basics, turn to the ten step-by-step projects to help you create your own stunning designs - from business stationery to a sales brochure and online shop. There's also plenty of practical advice on publishing online, dealing with printers, commissioning professionals and more.

Whether you're a design newcomer or keen to build on what you know, Graphic Design for Everyone is the only resource you'll ever need.