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Published by DK

By Caroline Bretherton

RRP: CA$25.95

About Pasta Reinvented

The only pasta and noodle cookbook focused on healthy alternatives to wheat-based pasta-often gluten-free-and offering recipes for making pasta doughs from scratch, as well as sauces and dishes to enjoy.

Discover a world beyond traditional wheat-based pasta, and enjoy nutrient-packed alternative pastas made from a variety of grains, beans, nuts, and spiralized produce with Pasta Reinvented. Prepare dishes that will highlight-not hide-the flavors of your chickpea pasta, almond flour pappardelle, or shirataki noodles. Learn how to make and shape your own pasta doughs made from alternative flours, or buy ready-made, then exploit their unique flavours with recipes for interesting new taste pairings. Eighty protein- and fiber-packed recipes-many gluten free and vegetarian-offer you a new generation of dishes to go with the latest evolution of pasta and noodles.

Author Info:

Caroline Bretherton has worked in the food industry for over twenty years, and has authored or co-authored eleven books. Her first book, The Kitchen Garden Cookbook, was a subject close to her heart, and she has recently completed DK's Super Clean Super Foods and Sprouted!