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Published by DK Children

By Ann Kay

Foreword by Tomie dePaola

RRP: CA$22.99

"<p>If you only buy one art book make sure it's this one! We love that it includes details of some<br>famous artworks and explains how they were painted, and the methods and techniques used.</p>"

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About Art and How it Works

This engaging introduction to art appreciation for kids explores art history, themes in art, and art techniques, from cave paintings to modern art.

Art and How It Works takes children on a journey through the history of art, from prehistoric paintings, Impressionism, and abstract art, through to the art of today. This bright and colorful book includes biographies of major artists, such as Fra Angelico and David Hockney, and cuts through the jargon that surrounds the art world to offer a fresh and accessible approach for children.

Young readers will begin to notice and explore shapes, colors, patterns, styles, themes, and techniques. By taking a close look at famous paintings and answering the open-ended question prompts dotted throughout the book, kids will discover a new way to see and appreciate the art all around them.