DK Readers L1: LEGO NINJAGO: Ninja in Action

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Published by DK Children

By Beth Davies

RRP: CA$18.99

About DK Readers L1: LEGO NINJAGO: Ninja in Action

Join the LEGO® Ninja as they speed through the high-tech Ninjago world on bikes, jets, mechs, and even dragons!

Perfect for children learning to read with help. Level 1 titles contain short, simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently used words. Exciting photographic images with labels provide visual clues to introduce and reinforce vocabulary. A delightful reading book for any LEGO® obsessed child!

Read about how the brave heroes step aboard incredible vehicles and defeat their enemies to save Ninjago City! Have fun learning to read with LEGO® NINJAGO: Ninja In Action!, a DK Level 1 reader. This book is perfect for kids who are just starting to read with help. Get the confidence young ninjas and kids need to read by following along on the totally awesome adventures of the world's six greatest Ninja and Master Wu.

Engaging topics and fun, interactive pages in this reading book for kids make it just right for children who are still unsure of new words and reading short, easy sentences. A fun quiz at the end of the book helps to develop reading comprehension skills and recall.

One of several super cool LEGO® books for kids, this one is illustrated with LEGO® NINJAGO 2017 sets.

Discover A World Of Bikes, Dragons, Planes And Mechs!

It's time to master the art of reading so you too can be a Spinjitsu Master. Learn to read as you explore the different types of vehicles and machines in Ninjago City. Find out how the vehicles help the ninja battle their enemies!

Level 1 Readers are specifically designed to reach and be accessible by first time readers who love storytime. Put into storybook format, LEGO® NINJAGO: Ninja In Action! uses simple sentences and words in bite-sized chunks that let them try to read with little help.

Prepare to enter a world with dragons, special robots for battle, and the most beloved of all, LEGO® bricks!

Dive into the Ninjago universe - there will be:

- Dragon flight
- An epic bike chase
- Marvelous mech battles
- You guessed it, awesome LEGO® characters
- And a really cool quiz to encourage comprehension and recall

This kids' reading book is part of an exciting four-level reading/educational book series for children, developing the habit of reading widely for both pleasure and information. These chapter books have a compelling main narrative to suit your child's reading ability. Each reading book is designed to develop your child's reading skills, fluency, grammar awareness, and comprehension in order to build confidence and engagement when reading.

Each title in the DK Readers series is developed in consultation with leading literacy experts to help children build a lifelong love of reading. Look out for other great level 1 titles like LEGO® NINJAGO: Shark Attack! and LEGO® NINJAGO: Secret Ninja Force.

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