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Published by DK Children

By Andrea Mills

Contributions by Kristie Reddick

RRP: CA$13.99

About DKfindout! Bugs

Get up close and personal with all kinds of bugs and become a creepy-crawly expert with this exciting book full of amazing images, fun quizzes, and incredible information.

Find out how different bugs-from ants to butterflies-sense the world around them, learn about how bugs help humans via pollination and pest control, and discover extreme bug survivors, such as the darkling beetle, desert ants, and the Himalayan jumping spider.

Filled with colorful images and quirky facts, DK findout! Bugs is engaging and educational. Pull out the special cover flaps to see extra information and take a quiz on everything covered in the book.

Learn more about bugs-or anything else-at, a free educational website for kids to have fun with information and expand their knowledge.

Series Overview: From the creators of DK findout!, the free online resource for kids, comes an exciting book series full of amazing images, incredible quizzes, and cutting-edge information kids need to know. The DK findout! series helps kids become experts on their favorite subjects-from dinosaurs to space. Learning doesn't get more fun.