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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$28.99

About Did You Know? Space

Discover the wonders of space through 200 curious questions. Did You Know? Space takes you on a journey through our galaxy and beyond.

Get familiar with the stars. This book is made for kids aged 5-9 interested in otherworldly facts about space. Follow along with the easy-to-read question and answer format on a wide range of subjects, helping kids to learn new information as they turn each page.

There is so much to learn, and this collection will get you on your way. Did You Know? Space answers all the exciting questions about space that kids ask. Delve deep into the universe and discover where space begins through topics relating to the atmosphere, space travel and over 200 questions like: What are shooting stars? Why is Jupiter striped? When was the first space exploration mission? What was the name of the first animal in space? And so much more.

Learn the answers to all the burning questions that your little one often thinks about. Each subject is structured around a problem that inquiring young minds ask. Your child will broaden their knowledge and enjoy learning about things in manageable chunks designed for providing young readers with a reassuring and fantastic route into space.

Flip The Page And Explore Outer Space.

Ever wondered what space truly looks like when you're in it? The book features images of real space exploration missions by NASA, as well as the latest space news and astronomy. Did You Know? Space is a book perfect for young space fans as well as children new to the subject.

This fantastic book about space explains exciting, fun facts about lunar landings, gas giants, dwarf stars, spacewalks, and so much more! Get your children learning about a variety of subjects with our space book. This book is packed from cover to cover with lots of facts for curious minds, helping your child to understand all sorts of new information.

This educational book takes you on a journey through:

- The Universe
- The Solar System
- Deep Space
- Space Exploration
- And much, much more!

Did You Know? Space: Amazing Answers to More than 200 Awesome Questions is part of the educational series of Did You Know? encyclopedias. Complete the collection and learn more about the world around you and the questions you ask, science, and space.