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Published by DK Children

By Robert Winston

RRP: CA$11.99

About Evolution Revolution

Why do humans walk on two feet? What really happened to the dinosaurs? Delve into the story of evolutionary science and follow Charles Darwin on his epic voyage in search of the origin of species in Evolution Revolution.

Starting with the publication of Darwin's famous On the Origin of Species, Evolution Revolution explores how one man's revolutionary theories changed the world. Discover how Darwin came up with the theory of natural selection by collecting plant and animal samples from around the world and see how it has influenced science in the modern age. Learn about the advancements made after Darwin as modern scientists reveal the secrets of genes and DNA and give us a glimpse at what lies ahead.

New available in paperback and featuring a cleaner and easier to understand design, Evolution Revolution is perfect for kids who have ever wondered where we come from, how we got here, and why life on our world is so varied and amazing.