iOpener: Flags

iOpener: Flags

Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$0.99

Book description

This book covers everything you need to know about flags around the world and throughout history. Diagrams of colors and symbols, fun fact boxes, and photographs bring the subject to life, while a glossary, maps, an index, and discussion questions aid in reading comprehension.

Grade: 5
Subject: World Cultures
Genre: Informational Text
Comprehension Skill/Strategy: Comprehend/Take Notes
Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA): 50
Guided Reading Level: T
Lexile Level: 920L

DK's iOpeners equip K-6 students with the skills and strategies they need to access and comprehend nonfiction so that they are not only learning to read but reading to learn. The combination of high-interest content and eye-popping photography of iOpeners brings science, math and social studies topics to life, raises student achievement in reading, and boosts standardized test scores.